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We have created a fun children’s book about boogers.

The Boogie Fairy is a story about Scott who stays home from school one day because he is filled with Boogers and s’not feeling very well.  He meets a grand new friend that teaches him about the wonders of snot and the fun things you can do with them.

“Now I’ve told a story and some of its mostly true,
the Boogie Fairy himself can one day show you.
If you ever get a bogey that won’t leave your snout,
Just remember the Boogie Fairy will help you out.”

– Scott

Help us bring “The Boogie Fairy” to life by joining our Kickstarter campaign! Pledge your support, and together, we’ll enchant children and families with this one-of-a-kind tale filled with giggles, mischief, and the unforgettable spirit of the Boogie Fairy. Let’s create a world where boogies become a source of laughter, love, and a magical bond between kids and their imaginations.

Back our campaign, and be a part of the boogie-filled journey that will leave children smiling from ear to ear and reaching for their own tissue-box wands to summon the incredible Boogie Fairy!

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Funding Goals

Our Funding Goal.

About the Project

Project Back Story...

It all started with a long car ride in the mountains of Vermont with our little boy and Grandpa.

Our son hated driving and would scream at the top of his lungs until he turned blue whenever getting in the car. Which turned polar opposite from when he got a few years older and loved everything about cars.

When I reached over to wipe some boogies from his face I grabbed a giant loogie and stretched it like a rubber band from his face while making a screeching noise and funny faces. I said, “lets see what we can do with this boogie.” He started laughing. Next thing you know Grandpa and I were telling my son different things we could do with his boogies once we got them out of his nose. He spent the next hour laughing and giggling about what we were saying, despite him being a year old and not really understanding a word we were saying.

Later that evening I grabbed my sketchbook and wrote down all the things we had randomly come up with to do with boogers thinking that is was an interesting visual exorcise for drawing…. then it hit me. Since my son liked it so much I had to work out a way to create a children’s book with it.

It sat in the dusty pages of my sketchbook for a while then one night I popped out of bed with an idea. I would have a depiction of my Father-in-Law as a winged fairy who talks to a sick boy (my son) about playing with boogies…. and thus was born the big idea.

The Story...

Scott is a little boy who woke up feeling stuffed up and woozy. His mom took his temperature and decided the best plan is to stay home and rest… That didn’t happen.

“The Boogie Fairy” is an enchanting children’s book that takes young readers on a whimsical journey through the world of boogies and snotty escapades! Join Scott, a clever and curious little boy battling a wicked flu, as he embarks on an unexpected and hilarious adventure. Stuck at home with smelly feet and a stuffy nose, Scott’s day takes a magical turn when he discovers the most peculiar character of all – the Boogie Fairy!

With a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous grin, the Boogie Fairy sweeps Scott into a delightful world of imagination, where boogies are more than just pesky nose invaders. From building boogie snowmen to flinging them like slingshots, Scott learns the endless possibilities of what one can do with those sticky, green treasures.

But there’s more to the Boogie Fairy’s magical wisdom. Alongside the fun and games, he reveals the incredible value of kindness, turning Scott’s boogies into gifts for those in need and spreading joy far beyond his own stuffy nose.

“The Boogie Fairy” is not just a tale of giggles and booger pranks; it’s a heartwarming story that teaches children the importance of creativity, empathy, and turning even the yuckiest moments into joyous adventures. This delightful book will surely entertain young readers and leave them with a newfound appreciation for the magic of imagination and the power of compassion.

The Art...

Inside “The Boogie Fairy,” the captivating artwork is a visual feast that brings the story’s magic and mischief to life. Drawing inspiration from a diverse background, the illustrations are a stunning blend of street art, Hip Hop culture, tattoo aesthetics, and the vibrant world of graffiti. Each page is a masterpiece, showcasing the artist’s unique style and passion for creative expression.

Through dynamic lines, bold colors, and intricate details, the illustrations transport readers into Scott’s imaginative world, where boogies become fascinating characters with their own personalities. The boogies’ mischievous grins and playful antics are captured with such vividness that children will be utterly captivated by their escapades.

Graffiti-inspired lettering and urban motifs subtly weave throughout the pages, adding an urban edge to the book’s artistic identity. The character designs are a celebration of diversity, reflecting the book’s inclusive message, and inspiring young readers to embrace their individuality and uniqueness.

The artwork bursts with energy and emotion, perfectly complementing the heartwarming and humorous narrative. As readers turn the pages, they will be immersed in a vibrant world of creativity, with every illustration telling a story of its own.

With every brushstroke and spray can flourish, the artist’s passion for creativity shines through, making “The Boogie Fairy” an artful and delightful masterpiece. Prepare to be mesmerized by the visual splendor that unfolds on every page, as the artwork takes the enchanting tale of the Boogie Fairy to new heights of imagination and wonder.

The Plan...

After the campaign is launched and successfully funded, our plan is to bring “The Boogie Fairy” to life with unwavering passion and dedication. With all the groundwork laid, including the captivating story, mesmerizing artwork, and logistics set up for printing and distribution, we are on the cusp of making this enchanting children’s book a reality.

With the generous support of backers like you, we will proceed to the next exciting phase of the project. Here’s what lies ahead:

  1. Production: Once the campaign concludes, we will initiate the production phase, where the final touches will be added to the book. Our team will work diligently to ensure that the colors, layout, and quality of the artwork perfectly align with the vision we have for “The Boogie Fairy.”
  2. Printing: We have partnered with a reliable and experienced printing company to bring you a beautifully crafted and professionally printed book. Your contributions will enable us to proceed with printing and ensure that each copy of “The Boogie Fairy” is a treasure to cherish.
  3. Rewards Fulfillment: We have carefully curated a range of delightful rewards for our backers, including exclusive artwork, limited-edition merchandise, and personalized messages. After the campaign ends, we will prioritize the timely and efficient delivery of these rewards as a token of our gratitude for your invaluable support.
  4. Distribution: We have established a solid distribution network to ensure that “The Boogie Fairy” reaches young readers and families around the world. With your help, this heartwarming tale will find its way into the hands of children eager to embark on a magical adventure.
  5. Launch Events: As we celebrate the successful realization of “The Boogie Fairy,” we will host exciting launch events and activities to engage with our supporters and showcase the book’s magic. These events will be an opportunity to share our gratitude and spread the joy of storytelling.
  6. Feedback and Future Endeavors: Your feedback and support mean the world to us. We will eagerly listen to your thoughts and insights to continually improve and create more delightful stories that resonate with young minds. Your invaluable contributions will be the stepping stones to future endeavors that will continue to ignite the imaginations of children everywhere.

Our journey to bring “The Boogie Fairy” to life has been a labor of love, and with your help, we are poised to make it a reality. Together, we can share the joy of this enchanting tale with children all over the world and foster a love for creativity and storytelling in the hearts of young readers. Your support is the key to unlocking the magic, and we are deeply grateful for the opportunity to embark on this adventure with you.

Join us in making “The Boogie Fairy” a beloved reality and a cherished addition to children’s literature. With your support, we will breathe life into this heartwarming tale and inspire a new generation of young minds to dream big and embrace the magic of storytelling.

Let’s embark on this adventure together, one boogie at a time!

We are ready to go. Now it is your turn.


Get ready for an exciting array of rewards as a heartfelt ‘thank you’ for your support in bringing ‘The Boogie Fairy’ to life! We’ve curated a delightful selection of incentives that will add a touch of magic to your boogie-filled journey. Your contributions will not only make this enchanting tale a reality but also bring joy to young readers everywhere.

Choose from a range of rewarding options, including:

  1. Signed Hardcover and Softcover Versions: Embrace the magic in your hands with your very own signed hardcover or softcover copy of ‘The Boogie Fairy.’ This beautifully crafted edition will be a treasured addition to any bookshelf.
  2. Digital Downloads: Experience the adventure on the go with digital downloads of ‘The Boogie Fairy.’ Dive into the heartwarming story on your preferred digital device.
  3. Digital Downloadable Coloring Pages: Spark creativity and imagination with exclusive digital downloadable coloring pages inspired by the whimsical world of ‘The Boogie Fairy.’
  4. Caricatures of Your Child Inside the Book: Make your child a part of the enchanting story with a personalized caricature featured within ‘The Boogie Fairy.’ A truly magical keepsake to cherish!
  5. Large Prints of Inside Pages: Immerse yourself in the captivating illustrations with stunning large prints of your favorite pages from the book.
  6. Stickers and Boogie Ball: Decorate your world with fun ‘Boogie Fairy’ stickers and enjoy hours of playful fun with a boogie ball.
  7. Custom Soap from Prudent Roots Soaps: Pamper yourself with a unique and special soap crafted with love by Prudent Roots Soaps, inspired by the magic of ‘The Boogie Fairy.’

And that’s not all! If we reach our stretch goals and achieve full funding, we have an exciting surprise in store for you – ‘The Boogie Fairy Activity Book!’ This interactive and engaging addition will amplify the adventure and provide hours of boogie-inspired fun.

Every contribution, no matter the size, plays a vital role in bringing this heartwarming tale to life and sharing its magic with young minds everywhere. Join us on this wondrous journey, and together, let’s spread the joy of storytelling and inspire the imaginations of children around the world!

Risks & Challenges

As much as we are thrilled to bring “The Boogie Fairy” to life, it’s important to acknowledge the potential risks and challenges that may arise during the process. Transparency is crucial to us, and we want you to be well-informed every step of the way.

1. Funding Goal: While we have set a super low funding goal to ensure the book’s realization, there is still the possibility that we may not reach it. In the event that the funding goal is not met, we may need to explore alternative funding options to make the project a reality. However, rest assured that your support, no matter the size, will contribute significantly to making this enchanting tale come to life.

2. Production and Printing: While all the writing and illustrations are complete, the production and printing process can sometimes encounter unforeseen challenges. We are committed to delivering the highest quality book, and this may involve collaborating with experienced printing partners to ensure the perfect final product. In the rare case of any unexpected delays in production, we promise to keep our backers informed and updated every step of the way.

3. Fulfillment: Our team is dedicated to ensuring timely and efficient rewards fulfillment for all our backers. However, unforeseen circumstances, such as postal delays or customs regulations, could potentially impact the delivery timeline. If such challenges arise, we will work tirelessly to resolve them promptly, ensuring that you receive your rewards as soon as possible.

4. Stretch Goals: The inclusion of stretch goals, like the ‘Boogie Fairy Activity Book,’ may introduce additional complexities to the project. While we are eager to offer these exciting extras, they may require careful planning and coordination to execute successfully. In the event that stretch goals are achieved, we will communicate our plans clearly and transparently to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for all our backers.

Our Commitment to You

Despite these potential risks and challenges, our commitment to the success of “The Boogie Fairy” remains unwavering. We promise to approach every obstacle with a problem-solving mindset, taking every step necessary to overcome them and deliver a magical experience to each and every backer.

Your trust and support are of the utmost importance to us. We will always prioritize open communication and transparency, keeping you informed throughout the journey of bringing “The Boogie Fairy” to life. Together, we will navigate any hurdles and celebrate the joy of creating a truly special children’s book.

Your unwavering support makes all the difference, and we are immensely grateful to embark on this enchanting adventure with you. Let’s join hands and make the magic of “The Boogie Fairy” a reality for children and families worldwide!

Who are we?

We are a group of creatives who like to make stuff.

Og LewisOne

LewisOne started his career vandalizing trains and backs of buildings. He moved on to working as a muralist, traditional animator, and marketer. Most days LewisOne can be found creating in some way, be it painting public murals, selling his work at art shows, doing illustrations and animations for companies, drawing caricatures at public festivals, or helping creatives find their voice with non-starving artist marketing tactics… and every Friday, he tries to take over the world.

Kaleigh Noyes

Kaleigh was born and raised in the NorthEast Kingdom of Vermont. She is a mum to two awesome boys, and wife to the best guy ever. She can usually be found chatting with her chickens in the backyard or throwing clay in the pottery studio. In her spare time she likes to travel, read, and snuggle with her hound dog.

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With the incredible support we receive for “The Boogie Fairy,” we are setting aside a portion of our funding to support and uplift other inspiring projects on Kickstarter. By investing in the dreams of fellow creators, we aim to foster a thriving community of storytellers, artists, and visionaries.

How It Works

As our campaign reaches its goals and beyond, a percentage of the funds will be dedicated to backing projects in diverse categories on Kickstarter. We will carefully curate a selection of projects that align with our values and share the same spirit of creativity and imagination.

We invite our backers and supporters to be a part of this wonderful journey of giving back. By contributing to “The Boogie Fairy,” you are not only making this magical book a reality but also contributing to the dreams of other creators who are working tirelessly to share their visions with the world.

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As we embark on this heartwarming adventure with “The Boogie Fairy,” we invite you to be a part of something truly special – a movement that celebrates creativity, fuels imagination, and propels dreams forward.

Thank you for being a part of our journey, and thank you for joining us in paying it forward to make a difference in the lives of fellow creators. Together, we can bring magic and joy to not only one project but to many more dreams on Kickstarter.

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