5 Reasons to Choose a Traditional Summer Camp

It can be tough to get into the groove of a new routine during summer vacation. Choosing an appropriate summer camp for you children will go a long way in keeping a routine down! A traditional summer camp will begin in June and run through August. These types of camps are very popular and will give your children the opportunity to experience new things, meet new friends, and begin the journey to independence. There are 5 common reasons why most people choose to enroll their child in a traditional kids camp.

Independence. For most children, the bit of independence that they will experience at summer camp will be their first taste! There is no doubt that being away from home for the first time can be scary, for both the parent and the child! You can take comfort in knowing that your kids will be making this transition quickly with new friends and fun activities. This is also great preparation for college when your child will be leaving home for months at a time.

Responsibility. This will be taught in a variety of ways. They will be responsible for the organization of their personal items, maintaining their living quarters, and for many day to day life skills. They will have to maintain their time, develop a routine of self care, and be held accountable for their actions.

Teamwork. This is possibly one of the biggest takeaways that your child will receive from summer camp. They will acquire this by participating in sporting evens, canoeing trips, and many other group activities. Teamwork is essential to everyday life as an adult and summer camp will help your children to see the value of working together with their peers in order to achieve a common goal.

Friendship. It is inevitable that while at summer camp, new friendships will be forged through all the fun. The ability to make friends and to be a good friend is a life lesson that will carry through your child’s whole life. It is important to cultivate this quality now!

Experiences. There is nothing like traveling to new places, beginning exciting journeys, and exploring the outdoors is just part of what makes summer camp so special. Think of your child going on nature hikes, sailing on the lake, sitting around the campfire, all while cultivating valuable skills that they will carry through the rest of their lives.


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