Cultivate a Love of Reading in Your Children

As a young child, one of my most cherished memory is that of reading books with my mother. It didn’t matter how busy she was, or how tired or poor she was, she always made sure that I had books in my life. I can remember that general sense of safety while sitting with her which left me with a comfort that never faded, even after many years. It was only natural, then, that when I had children of my own, reading books together was one of the things I most looked forward to. It is still how we end each day. Our favorites change and grow regularly, but the love of books is something that I hope we have successfully developed in them as well. With these books come adventure, challenges, new ideas, and a vivid imagination.

Books are more than just telling a story, though. Books help children connect with and understand their own ideals and feelings. It helps them to see and hear about other kids who are just like them and also teaches them about those from around the world who are different from them.

It is important for child and adult to read books together, but it is also good to note how rewarding it is for a child to look at the books on their own. This gives the time to pour over the pictures and develop the habit of ‘reading’. It won’t be surprising to hear them retelling the story as they recall it while looking at the photos. Have small “libraries” scattered throughout the house so that books are easily accessible.

Books are incredibly user friendly! They require no prep or cleanup to use. This makes them perfect for long car rides, plane trips, waiting rooms, and the like. Books and reading can be both a group or individual activity. Many times, children who are naturally shy will come out of their shell in a reading circle or story-time.

When you share books with your young child, you are planting the seeds of not only precious memories that will last a lifetime, but also giving them a valuable skill. Hopefully, by instilling in them a love for reading, they will pass that down to their own children. A world of excitement, ideas, and experiences are awaiting you both. Pick up a book today!

By sharing books with your young child, you are planting a precious memory that will last a lifetime for both parent and child. They in turn will continue the tradition with their own children and remember those special times. A world of experiences and ideas are waiting for you to introduce to them.

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