Pamper the Skin of Your Baby – Recipe Included!

Throughout a lifetime, we spend countless hours and amounts of money on our personal skincare trying to find the perfect regiment to suit our particular needs. If we take this kind of time and care on our own skin, it will only be natural that we would pay that kind of special attention to the delicate needs of out babies skin!

Did you know that unless they have dry skin, babies and little children seldom actually need any lotions and creams. There are so many commercial products on the market that contain synthetics and chemicals. These are extremely harsh on the tender skin of our little ones, this may prompt you to search for a more natural approach.

When or comes to babies and toddlers, the skin care product that is going to be most frequently used are baby wipes. This is mainly because baby wipes are useful for so much more than just Unfortunately, though, within those wipes are commonly found perfumes and dyes which will play havoc on their sensitive bottoms. Although it is possible to find wipes that use little synthetics, they tend to be pretty expensive. Did you know that you can make your own wipes to make sure that they are all natural?

Check out the recipe to make your own all natural wipes:

Natural Baby Wipes

1/4 cup aloe vera juice

4 drops lavender essential oil

1/2 roll paper towels cut lengthwise

1/4 cup water

2 drops tea tree oil

Simply mix the ingredients and store in a plastic container.

It is no secret that products made from natural ingredients are the best choice for babies and children. This is just one simple way that you can ensure that your baby is getting the very best!

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