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  • Caricature
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$100 • Boogie Blastoff

Be the first to go elbow deep into the magic of “The Boogie Fairy” with a signed hardcover book, a softcover version, digital download of the book, a set of exclusive stickers, A Boogie Soap Bar, a boogie ball for endless fun, and a personalized Color Boogie-cature of you or a loved one featured in the book in a boogie theme.

This limited-time offer to the first 50 people and is the perfect way to kickstart your boogie-filled adventure! Don’t miss out – grab your Boogie Blastoff Bundle before it disappears into thin air!

$1+ • Boogie Buddy

A giant thank you for being part of our Snotty Family. We appreciate your support on our adventure.

$10 • Digital Boogie

Digital Copy of book. You will receive a digital (PDF) copy of the book to read to your kids or parents from your computer or mobile device and downloadable coloring pages.

$15 • Soft Boogie

A signed softcover version of the book, perfect for snuggling up with your boogie fairy friend, some stickers, and coloring page downloads.

$25 • Hard Boogie

A Signed Hardcover Edition of the book. Sticker pack and a boogie ball to play with.

$75 • Boogie-Cature

Signed Hardcover Edition with original color Boogie-cature on back inside cover of book along with an inspirational note. Sticker pack and Sticker pack

$100 • Snotastic Educator

Calling all teachers and library legends! Spark the imaginations of young minds with this bundle including 6 softcover copies of “The Boogie Fairy” – perfect for sharing the magic of storytelling with your students or library patrons.

But that’s not all! You’ll also receive a signed hardcover edition to cherish in your collection. And to add some extra fun to the learning journey, we’re throwing in a set of exclusive stickers and a boogie ball for classroom antics. With the Boogie-tastic Educator’s Reward, you’ll have the tools to create a whimsical world of boogie adventures for all to enjoy! Grab this bundle and watch the joy of reading come to life in your classroom or library!

$200 • Booger-ific Art

Signed Hardcover Edition with original color caricature on back inside cover of book along with an inspirational note and Sticker pack.

Also Receive a limited edition (only 32) signed and numbered large print of an enchanting boogie illustration from one random spread in the book, guaranteed to tickle your funny bone.

$1000 • Nose Picker Party

Calling all boogie enthusiasts and party animals! Get ready for a once-in-a-lifetime “Boogie Fairy Extravaganza” where the magic of storytelling meets the whimsy of caricature art. This ultimate reward package brings the enchantment of “The Boogie Fairy” right to your doorstep.

What’s included:

  • Live Reading: The creator of “The Boogie Fairy” will fly out to your location to deliver a captivating live reading of the book. Gather your friends, family, or students for a boogie-filled adventure like no other!
  • Boogiecature Party: Brace yourselves for a laughter-filled caricature party! The talented artist will draw hilarious caricatures of everyone at the event, ensuring unforgettable memories and loads of laughter.
  • Book Bonanza: With this package, you’ll receive 20 softcover copies of “The Boogie Fairy” – perfect for sharing the magic with friends, family, or young readers at your school or library.
  • Crowning Jewel: To top it all off, you’ll receive a coveted signed hardcover edition of “The Boogie Fairy,” a treasure to cherish forever.
  • Sticker Bonanza: As a delightful bonus, we’re throwing in a bag of exclusive “Boogie Fairy” stickers to add a touch of magic to your party favors.

Whether you’re planning an epic birthday celebration, a whimsical library event, or an engaging classroom experience, the Boogie Fairy Extravaganza is the perfect way to enchant and entertain your guests. Get ready for giggles, boogies, and endless smiles as the Boogie Fairy brings the magic of storytelling and caricature art straight to you!

Limited Availability: This exclusive reward is limited, so don’t miss the chance to book the Boogie Extravaganza for an unforgettable celebration! Let the boogie-filled adventure begin – reserve your spot now and get ready to create cherished memories that will last a lifetime!

*Travel and Hotel separate.

Stretch Goals

$10 • Boogie Activities

Let’s take the boogie-filled adventure to the next level! If we reach Stretch Goal 1, we’ll unlock the “Boogie-tastic Activity Book.” This interactive and engaging companion to “The Boogie Fairy” will bring even more fun and excitement to young readers.

Inside the activity book, kids will find a treasure trove of boogie-inspired puzzles, coloring pages, mazes, and more! They can explore the whimsical world of boogies, challenge their creativity, and enjoy hours of entertainment.

With your support, we’ll create a beautifully designed and enchanting activity book that complements the magic of the original story. The Boogie-tastic Activity Book will be a delightful addition to the “Boogie Fairy” experience, inspiring imaginations and keeping the boogie fun alive long after the last page of the book.

Let’s make this magical adventure even more boogie-tastic! Help us reach Stretch Goal 1, and together, we’ll bring the joy of interactive storytelling to young readers everywhere.

$30 • Boogie Snuggles

Time to cuddle up with a touch of boogie magic! When we reach Stretch Goal 2, we’ll introduce the adorable “Boogie Fairy Plush Doll.” This huggable companion is inspired by the mischievous and lovable Boogie Fairy himself!

Designed with love and attention to detail, the Boogie Fairy Plush Doll will be the perfect snuggle buddy for kids of all ages. With his Hawaiian shirt, little wings, and playful smile, he’ll remind everyone of the whimsy and fun found within the pages of “The Boogie Fairy.”

Each plush doll will be crafted with care to ensure the highest quality and softest materials, making them an irresistible addition to any bedtime or playtime routine. The Boogie Fairy Plush Doll will not only bring joy and comfort but also serve as a tangible reminder of the magical journey shared in the book.

Unlock Stretch Goal 2, and together, we’ll bring the Boogie Fairy to life in a whole new way! Support our campaign and help us spread the magic of the Boogie Fairy through this charming plush doll that kids will cherish for years to come.